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I love to write.

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This page is more about stuff I care about enough to write, but is somewhat removed from my other literary pursuits.

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1. A study of songs in movies that live long - Part 1

2. Thoughts on Kannathil Muthamittal, 2002

3. What made Minnaram, 1994, work?


This page has appeared on the internet in many forms over the years. In a lot of ways, it reflected how I looked at the world at that point in time. Five years ago, I brought this domain impulsively - and have kept it alive ever since.

Like many things in my life, this page has assumed a life of its own. So I have decided to keep it as it is now. It might change again, at some point in time. But till then, you'll have it just like this.

It is an ode to what I have been. It is an ode to what I am right now. It doesn't change a lot of things about me, but I believe that it might help me appreciate who I am - a bit better as I write about things I have learnt and care about.